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Commercial Mortgages 

Commercial Mortgages 



1st Business Finance have developed relationships with a large number of commercial lenders who specialise in Commercial Finance. In turn, they offer us access to a wide spectrum of commercial mortgage loans, that cover the needs of a potential applicant. Whether it’s an initial mortgage loan or a remortgage on a commercial property – even additional funding for further business development and growth. We can help you meet your needs.  
Commercial mortgages are designed specifically for investors or business owners of commercial property and operate in exactly the same way as any other mortgage. Funds raised can be used to invest in your business or even invest in other properties. Commercial loans are available against any kind of freehold or long leasehold property from many mortgage providers, all will require you to invest an applicable percentage of the purchase price. 

Quick access to the most competitive market rates 

As the premier independent commercial finance broker in Somerset, we have access to competitive market rates, offering you more choice when it comes to choosing the best commercial finance solution for your needs, whether you're developing property or looking for a bridging loan solution, or even looking for funding to help grow your business. 
Need a loan in a hurry? 

Why searching for a loan with us makes sense 

An extensive network of lenders 
Tailored finance options that suit your exact needs 
We wont waste your time 
We only get paid on results 

How It Works 

Mortgages can be tailored in many different ways, however special consideration should be given to the actual type of interest charged and the repayment schedule. Note that interest rates tend to reflect the level of mortgage required. The main interest rate choice is usually between variable rate and a fixed rate options that are set against Bank of England Base Rate (BBR) or the London Inter-Bank Offer Rate (LIBOR) plus the margin the lender has applied. Variable rate mortgages will move up or down in line with which rate mechanism your mortgage is tied to, whereas a fixed rate will not move for the term of the fix, 3 years for instance before reverting to the variable rate. Both choices have opposite advantages and disadvantages when interest rates move either for or against you. 

We Keep Things Simple 

In the end, only the customer can decide whether the certainty of a fixed rate is right for their circumstances or whether they expect interest rates are going to fall making a variable rate the most attractive commercial mortgage choice. As with all mortgages, the repayment schedule is typically for a 15-25 year period. The mortgage itself can either be ‘interest only’ where the applicant is responsible for repaying the principle (“the initial loan”) at the end of the term or a repayment mortgage (“amortising loan”) where the principle reduces over time. The main point here is that you will pay more overall the longer the term of the mortgage. 

How We Can Help You 

We have an unrivalled panel of commercial mortgage lenders, in most cases, we are able to minimise the time from application to completion by carefully assessing your circumstances against our lender panels current loan criteria. 
Call us now to enquire about commercial mortgages, plus current availability and suitability for your needs: 
01884 308 222 


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