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Invoice Discounting 

Invoice Discounting 

Unlock cashflow by financing slow-paying invoices with invoice discounting 

Scales icon: Invoice discounting can tip the scales in your favour by releasing money tied up in unpaid invoices


Invoice Discounting has been gaining popularity as a way to finance a growing business. Invoice Discounting is essentially a financial tool that allows you to finance your slow-paying invoices from creditworthy customers. 
Using your invoices as collateral, the finance company advances funds to your company – providing you the resources to pay important expenses. Ultimately this enables you to trade – pay your workforce, buy stock etc. 

Advantages of Invoice Discounting 

Improved cash flow. The most important advantage of invoice discounting your invoices is that your cash flow improves – putting you in a better position to cover company expenses. 
Extend payment terms with confidence. You can extend 30 to 90 day payment terms to customers confidently because you do not need to wait that long to get funds out of your invoices. 
Easy qualification requirements. Unlike other business financing solutions, invoice discounting is relatively easy to qualify for. Most companies that have solid customers and do NOT have major problems should qualify. 
Quick funding. Funds can be released within 24 hours, allowing you to respond quickly if your company is in a crunch. 
Line flexibility. Since the line is based on your invoices the line can grow and adapt to increasing revenues. This important advantage provides a financial platform that can support growth. 
Simpler application. Invoice discounting has a simpler application process that most other solutions because you can discount, one, some or all of your invoices. 

Quick access to the most competitive market rates 

1st Business Finance has decades of experience helping customers access funders who might otherwise be hard to find or not appear on search engines. We work with you to assess your circumstances and ensure all details and paperwork are in order before presenting the case to our panel of lenders. Using this approach can be more advantageous than going to a bank because the panel of invoice discounting lenders make a decision based on your actual trading history and circumstances. Contact us now for more information or for details on how invoice discounting may work for your business. 
Get started with invoice discounting now 

Why searching for invoicing discounting with us makes sense 

An extensive network of lenders 
Tailored finance options that suit your exact needs 
We wont waste your time 
We only get paid on results 

Here's an Example Of The Invoice Discounting That 1st Business Finance Have Worked On With A Client 

The client had been in business 15 years, installing and maintaining high access signage and illuminations nationwide. 
They were struggling with getting payments in due to time constraints and turned to 1st Business Finance for help for a facility that offered an opportunity for growth and higher levels of customer service excellence. The client was seeking a provider who had a strong understanding of their business model and future growth requirements. The lender worked together to tailor a package that would help the organisation reach its business growth. In addition, bad debt protection was put in place to safeguard any risk of potential bad debt from customers. 

Invoice Discounting: helping businesses increase their Cash Flow 

We have helped many businesses to unlock their cash flow held up by slow payers and lengthy credit terms using Invoice Discounting. What is invoice discounting? Some people may have heard or seen it as invoicing discounting, but simply put, it allows businesses to access cash that is tied up in unpaid invoices. The business is essentially selling its unpaid invoices to the lender (finance company) who then collects the payment from the customer. 
Of course, when using invoice discounting, the business will lose a percentage of the value of the invoices, which becomes the lender’s fee. The percentage will vary depending on your circumstances and the lender’s criteria, but you will be made aware of all fees prior to the agreement. Contact us to get started or find out more 
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A professional and personal service from start to finish. 

1st Business Finance understands that when you are looking for a financial solution, you want to work with a company that you can trust. That's why we offer a professional and personal service from start to finish. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in sourcing the best finance solutions from our trusted panel of lenders, some of whom we have worked with for up to 30 years. 
We pride ourselves on delivering results, thinking outside of the box to help you access the funds you need such as cash flow loans, invoice discounting and commercial. It is extremely important that you are given the very best advice possible which is why every single client receives a personal service from us where we get to know you and your business needs. 

How We Can Help You 

We have an unrivalled panel of commercial mortgage lenders, in most cases, we are able to minimise the time from application to completion by carefully assessing your circumstances against our lender panels current loan criteria. 
Call us now to enquire about commercial mortgages, plus current availability and suitability for your needs: 
01884 308 222 


We have developed relationships with a large number of commercial lenders 
As a property developer you know it is so important to have the right funding in place 
These are loans for a short period of time, normally secured against property or land 
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